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We provide DPS Authorized Road Tests. No need to wait for an appointment with the DPS. 7 Days a week. 

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Parent Taught Drivers Ed - Only $60.00

  • Flexible, Fast & Easy Online Training
  • Take Your Permit Exam as Often as You Need 
  • Work At Your Own Pace

Get your certificate of completion after the first 6 hours of drivers ed courses with the driving instructor you know best: your parents. Perfect option for teen drivers and first-time drivers between 14-17 years old. Get a valid driver license online and become one of the safe drivers other parents trust.

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Adult Drivers Ed only $30.00

  • Flexible, Fast & Easy
  • Work At Your Own Pace
  • Fast Valid Certificate of completion

Register online to start your Texas adult driver education course at any time. Complete your online training in the convenience of your own home or on the go, using your smartphone or tablet. Anyone 18 years old and older, including you, can receive your completion certificate after the first 6 hours of driver education.

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Online Driving Course Texas

At EasyDriversEd, we understand the importance of flexible and efficient driver education. That’s why our online driving course in Texas is designed to cater to the needs of both adults and teens. Our Texas drivers ed online platform offers an interactive and engaging way to learn to drive from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a first-time driver or looking to refresh your skills, our Texas drivers education online courses are tailored to provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to drive safely.

What sets us apart is the ease and convenience of our Texas online drivers ed. You can start your drivers ed course in Texas anytime, fitting it seamlessly into your busy schedule. Our easy Texas drivers ed is not just about flexibility but about quality education too. We focus on defensive driving techniques and safe driving tips, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the road. Our online driving school in Texas is more than just a course—it’s a journey toward becoming a responsible and skilled driver.

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Step 1

Register online using your computer or any mobile device at any time. Follow the driver education courses to get your PTDE-964 or ADE-1317 certificate of completion after the first 6 hours. Take unlimited practice tests.

Step 2

Take the driving permit test at home. Complete your behind-the-wheel training. Then go to the driver license offices and receive your driver’s license.

Step 3

Complete the remainder of your course. Take your skills test and become a licensed driver!

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Adult Drivers Education Course

Online driver education is your best option, whether you need to complete an adult drivers education course or you’re looking for a family-friendly option for first-time drivers.

Start and finish your Texas parent-taught drivers ed without ever stepping in a physical classroom. With EasyDriversEd, you get online training with interactive features, learn all the defensive driving techniques and download your completion certificate. 

Imagine a parent-taught driver’s ed/teen driver’s ed course that you can finish online without classroom hours or memorizing traffic laws alone. Imagine entertaining videos and learning online driving course in Texas from your phone. Imagine taking your driving exam at home as often as you need and printing off your permit certificate so you can get your driver’s license at any licensing office near you. 

Good news! Your daydream of the perfect parent-taught drivers ed/teen drivers ed experience is right here.  

EasyDriversEd Makes Getting Your Driver’s License Easy

Our online drivers course in Texas is easy to complete. Just read the driving lessons, watch the driver education videos and answer a few questions. In no time, you’ll take the permit exam and finish driver education without going to the driving license offices.

Only $30 for Texas Adult Drivers Ed. Only $60 for Texas Parent-taught drivers ed/teen driving ed. That’s the whole course! It even includes your driving tests with no need to go to the license office. Get the driving skills you need at the pace you want and with unlimited driving exam attempts. Practice makes perfect.  

Online classes mean online benefits: Receive your certificate via email or download it. We will issue you a PDF certificate you can print at any time. If you lose it, just print it again and again! That’s the digital way to learn how to drive. 

How easy was that? After you’ve earned your license, tell all your friends how easy online driver education was. Pass on your happiness and make the road ahead for other teen drivers easy!

How Texas Adult Drivers Education and Teen Drivers Education works

Depending on your age, you’ll take either the parent-taught drivers education course or the adult drivers education. The first 6 hours qualifies you for your permit. Then you can finish the rest of the course.

  • Interactive videos and text with images
  • Short open-book multiple-choice quizzes
  • 24-hour customer support

A completion certificate will let you get a permit from any DPS licensing office, and you can get your license after passing the final exam.

A Man Driving Car in Texas

Easy and Convenient Online Driver’s Education Course 

Our online course is easy to complete. Just read the study material, view the videos and answer a few questions.  You’ll be done in no time. You can even take the test for your Learner’s Permit without going to the DPS office.

Only $30.00 for Adult Drivers Ed and only $60.00 for Parent Taught Drivers Ed. That’s the whole course – including your permit/license test with no need to drive to the DPS and risk failure.

Receive your certificate.  We will issue you a PDF certificate you can print at any time. And, if you lose it, you can print it again and again!

After you’ve earned your license tell all your friends how easy it was to complete your course. Be happy. Happiness is infectious!

Online Driver Education That’s Fast, Easy and Flexible.
What Are You Waiting For?

If you are looking for a quick, easy, drivers ed online in Texas, you came to the right place. We can help you to get your Drivers License and it’s easier than you think. Our Texas online drivers ed course provides the driver education and behind-the-wheel training you need.

We have been serving Texas drivers since 1998 with our Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) approved and 100% online courses.

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Latest Blog

FAQs About Drivers Ed Online Texas

What are the benefits of taking drivers education online in Texas?

The benefits of taking drivers ed online in Texas include the convenience of learning from anywhere and anytime. This flexibility is ideal for busy individuals. Texas online drivers ed also offers interactive and engaging course materials, making learning more effective. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive understanding of road safety and driving laws, which is essential for new drivers.

How long does online driving school take in Texas?

The duration of an online driving school in Texas typically aligns with state requirements, which can vary. Most Texas drivers ed online courses require a set number of hours to be completed. However, the advantage of Texas online driving in school is the flexibility to spread these hours over a period that suits your schedule.

How much does a driving course cost in Texas?

The cost of a driving course in Texas varies depending on the comprehensiveness of the course. Generally, Texas drivers ed online offers a range of prices to cater to different budgets. Easy Texas drivers ed often provides competitive pricing, aiming to make quality driver education accessible.

When can you start online driver education in Texas?

In Texas, you can start your online driver education as soon as you meet the state’s age eligibility criteria. Most Texas drivers ed courses are available to students who are at the legal age for learning to drive. This allows for an early start in gaining the necessary driving knowledge and skills. The flexibility of drivers ed courses in Texas means you can begin your learning journey conveniently, without waiting for specific class start dates.