Test Yourself With Texas Driving Permit Practice Test

Eager for your motor vehicle permit but nervous about taking the paper test? 

Practice makes perfect. 

Especially on your road to becoming a licensed driver.  

Answer practice test questions until you’re confident in your passing score.

You get access to our 40-question practice test when you register for the 32-hour Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Education course. Now, take the sample tests, made with real questions, to build your confidence before you take the real exam with the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Are you ready for the real exam? Find out for sure, with our permit practice written from actual exam questions that prepares you to take the driving exam from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

We’ll make sure you’re ready, thanks to our permit practice test, which includes: 

  • Unlimited sample tests.
  • Forty questions covering traffic signs, traffic laws, and safe driving practices.
  • Actual test questions about driving privileges and responsibilities.
  • Total online experience so you can build your confidence. 

Repeating the material from your driving instruction permits you to rehearse and deepen your knowledge of the material. 

To pass the Texas DPS official exam, you need a score of 70 percent or better. 

And with our easy driver’s education practice test, you’ll be 100 percent ready. 

What’s on the learner license practice exam? 

The knowledge test goes over material in the Texas Driver Handbook, published by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This driver license manual goes a bit deeper than showing the difference between the gas pedal and the steering wheel. 

The official exam topics include:

  • Road signs and road rules
  • Driver safety responsibility and liability
  • Speed and speed limits
  • Motor vehicle crashes, including common causes and what to do
  • Right-of-way rules with school buses, emergency vehicles and motorcycles

All first-time applicants for a learner license must pass a multiple-choice official exam to get their first learner permit to operate a motor vehicle. Our engaging driving permit practice test is 40 questions, which you’ll find on the real exam. The best part is you can take it over and over.

Let’s go! Can I get started with your generic practice test? 

You need to be enrolled in a driver’s education program before taking a generic practice test.

Operating a motor vehicle is an important privilege that comes with serious responsibilities. You can take unlimited sample tests once you’ve completed 6 hours of the Parent-Taught Drivers Ed program. When you’re done with the sample test, you’ll get a permit test completion certificate. Then you’re ready for the official exam. 

Remember, passing the official exam is only part of getting your driver’s license. 

You have an actual driver skills test to complete as well as the rest of the 32-hour driver training program. 

It may seem like a lot, but EasyDriversEd makes it possible.

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