How Much Can You Pay for Speeding in Texas?

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Texas is among the most beautiful places to drive. With all the open spaces and roads stretching for several miles, it is understandable why you would be tempted to step on that gas. However, giving in to the temptation puts your life and the lives of other road users in danger. You are also putting yourself at the risk of paying a high price. A speeding ticket in Texas can have a significant impact on your driving record.

Speeding tickets vary by municipality. Below are a few examples of how much speeding in Texas can cost you.

Travis County

If you get a speeding ticket in Travis County, you will be charged by the mile. Currently, a speeding ticket in Travis County, Texas, costs $10 per mile and $20 if you go over the speed limit in a school zone.

Bell County

A speeding ticket in Bell County, Texas, costs a flat fee of $177 if you go over the speed limit by about 1 to 5 miles. The sliding scale increases if you go over the speed limit by more than 5. You will pay a fine of about $336 if you go over the speed limit by 25 mph.


A speeding ticket in Houston can range from $224 if you go over the speed limit by 1–5 miles per hour and $334 if you go over the speeding liming by more than 30 miles per hour in a construction zone.

What Options Do You Have if You Get a Speeding Ticket in Texas

Here are a few important steps to take when dealing with your first speeding ticket.

  • Read the ticket.
  • You can contest the ticket or simply pay the fine.
  • If you plead no contest, the two points on your license will not be used against you in a civil suit.
  • A guilty plea will be used against you in a civil suit.
  • Pleading guilty might offer you the option of paying your fine via mail, and you will not need to make a court appearance.
  • In exchange for pleading no contest or for pleading guilty, the judge can use their discretion to place you on probation if you apply for a deferred disposition. At the end of the terms of your probation, the judge can also decide to dismiss your case and ask that you be cleared of the speeding offense.

Stay Safe, Drive Smart

If you are a driver in Texas, you should do all you can to avoid a speeding ticket. Even the safest drivers get speeding tickets at some point in their lives. If you have a speeding ticket, contact us at EasyDriversEd for driver’s education in Plano, Texas.

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