Minor Driver Education FAQs

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1. Who is required to take a driver education course?

Any person between 14 and 25 years old.

2. I want to take a driver education course, what are my options?

  • Enrolling in a driver education school
  • Enrolling in an approved parent taught course
  • Completing a driver education course at a public school, education service center, college or university

3. How much do driver education courses cost?

Each school establishes the cost of their program. Please contact the school directly for this information.

4. How long is the minor and adult driver education course?

The classroom phase of a driver education course is at least 32 hours, and it cannot be completed in fewer than 16 days. The in-car phase consists of 7 hours of behind-the-wheel driving, 7 hours of in-car observation, and an additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, of which 10 hours must be done at night.

The additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice must be monitored from the front passenger seat during the driving practice by an adult 21 years or older who holds a valid driver license and has at least one year of driving experience

5. Can a person older than 18, but younger than 25, take the minor and adult driver education course (32 hours of classroom, 7 hours behind-the-wheel, 7 hours observation)?

Yes, anyone 14 years old or older can take the course.

6. I lost the form that I received when I completed my driver education course and I need it to get my driver license. Who can I contact to get a duplicate?

To get a duplicate certificate of completion (the DE-964 or DE-964E Certificate of Completion), contact the public school or driver education school you attended. If you completed a parent taught course, contact the parent taught course provider.

7. My child dropped out of high school and has been told that they cannot get a driver license until they are 18. Is that true?

Yes. Persons under 18 must be enrolled and attending school as a condition of being licensed to operate a motor vehicle, unless the person has a high school diploma or GED.

8. What is a student’s alternative to getting a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance Form from their high school during the summer months?

If the VOE is issued the last week of school or during the summer, it is valid for more than the normal 30 days; i.e. until school starts after summer vacation. If you are applying during the summer and are still enrolled in school, your last report card for the most recent school year is acceptable if it has the student’s name, a list of absences, and a complete listing of grades.

9. I am enrolled in a 32-hour teen driver education course and I just turned 18. Can I use the time I have already completed as proof of completion of my 6-hour adult driver education course?

No. Teen driver education classroom hours cannot be applied to the 6-hour adult driver education classroom hour requirements. You must complete the full adult driver course or complete the full teen driver education program.

10. I completed my driver education course and the school will not issue my completion certificate. What should I do?

The school can withhold the completion certificate if the course has not been paid for in full. Please contact the school first to verify that the student has completed all the required classes or make-up hours. If you have reached out to the school and they will not provide you with your completion certificate, please contact driver education and safety program staff and include the name and address of the school, and the student’s first and last name.

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