Online vs. In-Person Driver’s Education: Which Is Best for You?

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Information

Every driver must complete a driver’s education course before they can get a license to operate a motor vehicle. Driver’s education is what helps you learn road rules and prepare you for the tough licensing exam. While driver’s ed courses were always offered in person, several states now allow you to take your driver’s ed courses online.

Here are some factors you can consider when choosing between online and in-person driver’s education.


If you are trying to choose between online vs in-person driving courses, the first factor of consideration is convenience. Online driver’s ed courses are considerably more convenient, especially if you are taking the courses while attending school, working, or otherwise busy. You can access lessons for online driving courses via videos, meaning that it is up to you to decide on the time to go through the lessons.

In-person driver’s education courses are less convenient because they use traditional classroom settings for a section of the lessons. The in-person driver’s ed course also offers practical safety and driving lessons, meaning that you should be physically present to complete such courses. You do not get the advantage of studying conveniently in in-person driver’s education, but it is an advantage you will enjoy when you choose online driver’s education.

Cost Differences

If you are confused about whether you should take online vs in-person driver’s ed, the difference in cost is an important factor to consider. Online driver’s ed offers several affordable options, and it is considered less costly than in-person driver’s ed. Some online driver’s ed come with discounts using your insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, in-person driver’s education classes come with a range of costs. The cost you will incur for in-person driver’s ed depends on the number of lessons you take, the schedule you choose, and the number of instructors. Ultimately, it will cost you less to complete your driver’s ed course online than in person.

Duration Needed to Complete the Courses

Depending on your state of residence, you will need about 36 hours or more to complete an in-person driver’s ed course. In addition to taking this much time, in-person classes will require you to commute to the location of the physical classroom, get there at the scheduled time, and remain in class for the duration of the lesson.

Online driver’s ed is quite different, and there are no duration restrictions. Depending on your motivation, you can complete your classes early.

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