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by | Jan 13, 2022 | Information

1. If I start at one driver education school, am I allowed to transfer to a different school?

Yes, you may transfer to another driver education school. For more information about transfers, please contact driver education and safety program staff.

2. I was enrolled in an out-of-state driver education course and completed part of or all my classroom hours but never got a driver license or permit. Do these hours transfer to Texas?

Out of state hours do not transfer to Texas. You will need to enroll into a Texas driver education program to complete the classroom and driving requirements necessary to obtain a Texas learner’s permit and driver license. Please check with DPS for more information.

3. I have a learner’s license from out of state. Does that transfer to Texas?

Please check with DPS for more information on transferring your learner license to Texas .

4. How long must I hold a Texas learner’s permit before I can get my provisional license?

You must hold a Texas learner’s permit for a minimum of six months (unless you turn 18) prior to obtaining your provisional license.

5. I’ve heard that my child can complete the classroom phase of driver education at their high school or a licensed driver education school, and afterwards we can transfer to the Parent Taught Program so I can teach the in-car portion. Is that true?

Yes, that can be done but there are requirements:

  • Your child must complete the entire classroom phase at the licensed driver education school or high school. You must obtain an official transfer of classroom hours from the high school or licensed driver education school, so you can prove to DPS that they completed the classroom phase. The transfer is also used to obtain their permit.
  • You must apply for a TDLR Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide and receive it before you and your child begin the in-car phase. Your child must also have a valid learner’s permit issued by DPS before any driving instruction may be given.

You must complete the requirements as specified in the TDLR Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide, but only those that apply to the in-car phase.

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